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Sun May 21 17:59:29 UTC 2006

Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
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> Who says that people cannot make money by *selling* Squeak?

In addition to promoting it as a educational tool, another way of
promoting squeak would be to offer it under the guise of a website
creation tool. Provide a squeak image at Linspire that includes seaside
and a default basic website: thus promoting squeak through the usage of
seaside. Perhaps the image consists of tutorials on seaside basics and
has an already-made website (or wiki) that can be easily changed for
beginners. Might be popular with teachers as a starting point for
teaching OOP at the high school and beginning college level.

If there were one or two dedicated and outlandish personalities that had
the talent of promoting seaside to an audience (think Steve Jobs for
apple or McNealy for Java), I can see conferences popping up promoting
the ins and outs of website development using seaside. The conference(s)
could focus on creating services for the Internet, not necessarily focus
on smalltalk programming. Of course, the sessions would be about
smalltalk, but the end goal would be how to create Internet services --
Internet service developers really want an edge on their competition,
seaside provides a new fresh approach.

Seaside has had nothing but praise from what I've seen. Why not use this
energy for it's own promotion? What would come along for the ride is the
acceptance of smalltalk as a viable development and production tool.


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