Technology of the technologies (WAS: A Lisper asks, "Am I supposed to like Smalltalk?")

Alan Grimes agrimes at
Mon May 22 02:50:26 UTC 2006

> Sort of good news is that the remaining major architecture is ARM, 
> which utterly dominates non-desktop systems. Last year approximately 
> 1.6*billion* ARMs were sold. I'm fairly sure that is a good bit more 
> than sales of x86 units. Now if only we could do a decent job of  using
> a load of ARMs instead of one or two x86. We'd save a lot of  power but
> we'd have to start doing a better job of using multiple  cpus
> effectively; but then we need to do that anyway.

I want an ARM workstation.

I am being lead, inextricably, towards a vast conspiracy theory
regarding all RISC workstations... =(

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