Comet + Canvas (tag) => Morphic on internet browser

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at
Mon May 22 10:10:05 UTC 2006

Sorry, I forgot to include information how to get it.

Just use SqueakMap and install the version 2 of "Asteroid (a small

> Hi folks,
> I'm still having fun with Comet
> ( and related stuff.
> My goal is to get an approximated idea of what we can do with "modern"
> browsers.
> This time I'm hacking with CANVAS tag:
> (
> I implemented a "Fake" canvas on Squeak side (I mean an Squeak-canvas)
> that generated JavaScript to push (using Comet) to browsers.  The speed
> is not so bad, and we still have room for more optimizations (reduce the
> size of the generated JS, compress the socket usint GZip-http, etc).
> The example works in Firefox (version 1.5) and IE (using the google's
> canvas emulation library).
> Next goal: Try to inject the mouse events generated in the browsers in
> the Squeak world to get a full interactive environment.
> Have fun!
> -- Diego

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