Comet + Canvas (tag) => Morphic on internet browser

Diego Gomez Deck DiegoGomezDeck at
Mon May 22 15:16:39 UTC 2006

Hi Edgar,

> Hola Diego !!
> Here one of our students have what you talk, Firefox click and Squeak image
> responding.
> I send mail to he for contact you.

What your student has, as far as I can recall, it a modified version of
the WAScreenshot example included in Seaside. This example sends a PNG
with the contents of the World (note the upper $W, it is the global
pointing the active morphic world) and injects the event in the
only-one-active world.

My hack is a different type of animal, it send JavaScript to render the
world (note the lower $w, I can have as many world as I want) in a
browser canvas area.  If you look with good eyes, you'll note that the
ellipse looks better in the browser.  It occurs because the browsers
provides antialiasing for default.  On the other side, to inject events
in several world at the same time is much more tricky than do it just
for the active world.

> Are you using Comanche ?

Yes, Comanche and JSON as it's stated in SqueakMap entry:


-- Diego

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