Comet + Canvas (tag) => Morphic on internet browser

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Mon May 22 15:38:12 UTC 2006

Diego Gomez Deck puso en su mail :

> What your student has, as far as I can recall, it a modified version of
> the WAScreenshot example included in Seaside. This example sends a PNG
> with the contents of the World (note the upper $W, it is the global
> pointing the active morphic world) and injects the event in the
> only-one-active world.
Yes , is that.
We sends a JPEG with a selected part of the World or all or only the Morph
of interest.

> My hack is a different type of animal, it send JavaScript to render the
> world (note the lower $w, I can have as many world as I want) in a
> browser canvas area.  If you look with good eyes, you'll note that the
> ellipse looks better in the browser.  It occurs because the browsers
> provides antialiasing for default.  On the other side, to inject events
> in several world at the same time is much more tricky than do it just
> for the active world.

Well, you are a Master.
We are toying with send and mix JavaScript , but still need learn a lot

> Yes, Comanche and JSON as it's stated in SqueakMap entry:

I download something different what do not mention JSON or Comanche (the web
page yes)
Maybe my SqueakMap inside Squeak is not working well.Sure I do some wrong
I try the correct one now

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