[PROJECT PROPOSAL] - "Squeak Fenestra"

Viktor Svub gilrandir at centrum.cz
Tue May 23 08:44:25 UTC 2006

I was kind of planning to build on top od Ffenestri, the 'to-do' list i 
posted is a worst-case scenario (without considering what has been 
already done). The main issue in this case is: afaik Ffenestri now works 
only on Mac, and i have no possibility to even try and see how it works, 
not talking about developing on this platform (i really don't like the 
idea working on somehing I can't see working). So the plan still is -> 
reusing as much things as possible, but building on/for accessible 
platforms (linux/win32) and with focus on my ideas of the functionality. 
Still i'm not saying this will not end up as a part/ enhancement/ 
continuation of Ffenestri.
Another issue is my english - maybe i'm not completely able co present 
what i think, so: "altering BitBlt" and "platform dependent wrappers" 
means only that these thing sould be considered, but i don't know enough 
about them yet. I'm planning to make as little as possible (if any) 
changes to Squeak as it is now, and i want this to be as much portable 
as possible, but without throwing some platform specific functionality 
away (thats why i'm considering a rather robust and complex API, 
providing transparent access to any functionality available on the 
platform the image is running on).


stéphane ducasse wrote:
> I would be good to build on top of Areithfa Ffenestri so that after a  
> while we could get the Areithfa Ffenestri
> really stable and include in Squeak .
> Stef
>>> PROJECT PROPOSAL - "Squeak Fenestra"
>>> This is a proposal of a project i would like to do
>> My advice - *use* the stuff John & I did and instead of repeating a  
>> lot of rather tedious work enjoy doing something new and  productive. 
>> The Areithfa Ffenestri code provides all (we think)  that you need to 
>> create, display, manipulate and manage host  windows. What is still 
>> needed is a good hookup to Morphic to make  it useful in the general 
>> case.
>> You don't need to alter BitBlt, just the users of it. A lot of bits  
>> of code simply end up blitting to 'Display' and you would want to  
>> make them use 'theCurrentWindowIAmDisplayingIn' instead.
>> You don't need platform dependent wrappers and strange FFI stuff.  
>> Ffenestri does it all in a portable manner, which is good for  
>> platforms that don't have FFI.
>> etc.
>> If you want to do something that you have a chance of finishing,  
>> please don't waste time repeating work already done and known to  
>> function reasonably well. It may not be a case of "standing on the  
>> shoulders of giants" but at least you can try to benefit from a  
>> "piggyback ride from quite reasonable engineers" !
>> tim
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