[PROJECT PROPOSAL] - "Squeak Fenestra"

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue May 23 09:02:32 UTC 2006

Viktor Svub wrote:
> I was kind of planning to build on top od Ffenestri, the 'to-do' list i 
> posted is a worst-case scenario (without considering what has been 
> already done). The main issue in this case is: afaik Ffenestri now works 
> only on Mac, and i have no possibility to even try and see how it works, 
> not talking about developing on this platform (i really don't like the 
> idea working on somehing I can't see working). So the plan still is -> 
> reusing as much things as possible, but building on/for accessible 
> platforms (linux/win32) and with focus on my ideas of the functionality. 

Ffenestri is certainly supported on Windows:


And Unix (X11) shouldn't be all that hard either. BTW, the only reason 
why it isn't bundled by default with the Win32 VM is that apparently the 
license hasn't been quite set yet and I don't want to ship stuff with 
unclear license terms in the VM (nudge, nudge, Tim, get your Sophie 
licensing terms in place, please? ;-)

   - Andreas

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