Spoon progress 23 May 2006: finding dependencies via passive imprinting

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Tue May 23 16:08:10 UTC 2006

Hi Ralph--

 > Let me see if I understand this.  You will put a test case on the
 > minimal image.  When the minimal image runs, it will sometimes run a
 > missing method, which will cause the method to be pulled in from the
 > full image.  Pulling in a method might cause a class to be pulled in,
 > as well.  The full image will keep a record of what got pulled into
 > the minimal image, so you can tell exactly what methods the test uses
 > that is not already part of the minimal image.
 > Is that right?

	Almost; the test case is started from the full image by sending a 
message to the appropriate remote object in the minimal image, and the 
minimal image records the transfers with a module (somewhat in the 
manner of a changeset).

	Module objects from different images know how to synchronize their 
respective systems by comparing their contents, so, for example, when a 
test case is finished, a minimal image could immediately transfer that 
new behavior to another minimal image (which uses another new, empty 



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