the Spoon module system

Craig Latta craig at
Tue May 23 20:10:14 UTC 2006

Hi Ralph--

 > Is the module system new?  I didn't see anything in the December
 > version of Spoon like that.  Maybe I just don't recognize it.

	The beginnings of it are there. The classes to look at are Module, 
Author, MethodDescription, and the others in the 'Spoon-Modules*' 
categories. You can browse them in either the control or working 
memories. The main difference between that and the latest unreleased 
stuff is the way new classes are defined (it no longer uses ClassBuilder).

	Of course, I should just be able to cite the UUID of a module that 
refers to everything you should look at, but we're still bootstrapping. :)

 > It is a very good idea.  A module is defined as all the code that is
 > needed to run a test suite.  To have a module, you must have tests.  I
 > like it!

	Cool! I expect that there will be some fiddling with that delineation 
(to deal with conceptual overlap, etc.), but that's more or less the idea.



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