Helping MC2 to improve

Colin Putney cputney at
Tue May 23 22:47:08 UTC 2006

On May 20, 2006, at 11:47 AM, Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:

> I have MC2 loaded on my experiments, but yet I do not know how use it.
> Exists some documentation what I miss?

No, there isn't any documentation beyond the messages that I've  
posted to this list.

As a place to start, here are a few doIts that will illustrate some  
of the key concepts in MC2:

MDSlicePanel withAllPackages open

This is the list of all the PackageInfo packages in the image. If you  
'Save to File' and enter 'test' as the file name, it will create a  
repository in a file called 'test.mcr' and save a snapshot fo the  
selected package into it. You can then open that file with the  
following doIt:

(MDRepositoryPanel on: (MDFileRepository on: (FileStream  
oldFileNamed: 'test.mcr'))) open

This will bring up a repository inspector that will let you load or  
merge that snapshot back into the image. Finally, try this:

wc := MDWorkingCopy forImageProxy: MDWorkingCopy defaultImageProxy.
memory := MDMemoryRepository new.
slice := MDPackageInfoSlice named: 'SMBase'.
snapshot _ slice saveFrom: wc to: memory.
snapshot explore.
memory explore.

This will create a working copy, a repository in memory, and a slice  
for the package SMBase. It saves a snapshot of SMBase into the  
repository, and then opens explorers so you can look at the contents  
of the repository and the snapshot. Hint: all the garbled strings are  
instances of MDHashstamp.

> I wish produce some mc2 package for testing and see how could be  
> attached
> some more what code (gif/png/jpg , .morph, etc) for deliver .

I haven't thought about this much, but I think a SAR would work fine.  
You could create a SAR that contained an MC2 repository file, your  
media and an install script that loaded a snapshot from the repository.


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