Spoon progress 23 May 2006: finding dependencies via passive imprinting

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Wed May 24 04:08:52 UTC 2006

Hi Nicolas--

 > Spoon is promising, but won't solve everything.

	I don't think anyone said it would... yet. :)  I think you're 
broadening the discussion a bit from what Ralph and I were talking 
about. We were just dealing with how to disentangle what is in the 
Squeak image right now. Solving this problem is useful all on its own. 
Clearly there are other problems to solve as well (like how to support 
multiple conflicting applications at the same time).

	But since you raise them...

	Previously, we had no good solutions to the problems you mentioned. I 
do think Spoon will put us in a better position to solve them. 
Specifically, it will help a lot to have completely unconstrained class 
names, to be able to transfer behavior between systems without using 
source code, compilation, or files, and to have multiple methods 
associated with any given method name.


Craig Latta
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