Spoon progress 23 May 2006: finding dependencies via passive imprinting

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed May 24 04:33:05 UTC 2006

Hi Craig -

>     Previously, we had no good solutions to the problems you mentioned. 
> I do think Spoon will put us in a better position to solve them. 
> Specifically, it will help a lot to have completely unconstrained class 
> names, to be able to transfer behavior between systems without using 
> source code, compilation, or files, and to have multiple methods 
> associated with any given method name.

I'm curious but how exactly does this help for modularity? Since I 
haven't used Spoon so far I don't really know what to look for here but 
it'd be great if you were willing to share a few success stories, or 
even if there aren't any yet just your reasoning about why you think 
this abilities are an important step.

   - Andreas

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