Challenges -- Who's havesting fixes.

Peace Jerome peace_the_dreamer at
Wed May 24 05:39:25 UTC 2006

--- stéphane ducasse <ducasse at> wrote:

> Thanks Jerome
> > Hi Stef,
> >
> >...

> > All I wanted was an official answer to the
> question
> > "Who's havesting fixes."
> so far me and (marcus but he stopped).
Ok. Thank you for the direct answer. (And for taking
the responsibily.)

> > ...

> > Take time for yourself. Your well being will be
> > reflected in the quality of what is being created.
> >
> > Thank you for your efforts on the communities
> behalf.
> I know but I want that people talking all the times
> can understand that
> having big bang plans do not work if people do not
> help. :)
> Stef

Yeah. Its usually best if big bangs happen only once
every 26 billion years per universe :)

Seriously, Squeak is meant to be designed
incrementally. All the tools were designed to make
that easy. I see people lost in big plans and I wonder
why they don't understand. You can get anywhere you
want one cautious step at a time.

Big plans are easy. It's still patience that is dear
in this community.

Yours in service, -- Jerome Peace

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