Challenges -- Who's harvesting fixes.

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Wed May 24 10:07:35 UTC 2006

Steff, I know you are very busy and dedicated.

What could be nice if things what people send  was reviewed more quickly and
not go to Mantis limbo.

I send several mails from the few days what I using/testing 3.9b 7032.

Summarize what I found and send to list

1) Still unsolved hex deprecation for old packages (Was closed in Mantis and
Boris is finishing /completing his fix IMHO)

2) walckback raise when you drag and drop a .cs file on 7032 image (None
confirm same bug, I send fix what works for me)

3) PasteUpMorph(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #collapseAllWindows . This could
be corrected with 
0001091: [ENH] NiceCollapseAllWindows
Description     For having the collapsed windows arranged vertical ,
modified also a couple of methods for proper work.
Works in 38 and 3.9

In mantis from 04-21-05 16:17

4) Same fail when you use Nebraska complaining about fonts, what I found
some time ago and send how to fix to Yoshiki. He said what thinks was good ,
but never send final approve

5) And last to date

Seems missing in 7032 , was needed for old projects

All this I have corrected in my own 7032 without "collateral damage"
If you wish I could collect in some "FoolEdgarFixes.cs" and send for
including until some say how improve this fixes

Keep doing good work !
Gracias !

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