Rescue of forgiven nice orphans

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Wed May 24 16:20:38 UTC 2006

On 2006 May 24 10:29, Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene wrote:
> People what could have interest in MorphicWrappers and/or MathMorphs.

Hi Edgar,

I am still subscribed to the Math-Morph mailing list, I assume they are no 
longer maintained (for a looong time). Are you saying you are bringing 
MathMorphs back to life on more recent Squeak? That would be nice, and I 
could offer help, not saying how valuable help and how much :) but interested 
in trying,


> Sure I lack the vision and excellent work of creators of these packages,
> but with mixing and glue (some luck guess too), I have part working in one
> of my experiments , as you could see.
> The Function Plotter Gallery
> Could work and many of MorphicWrappers too.
> So if any have code what once work send me private.
> Or any what think a small math / physics  image could have sense, also
> contact me.
> Very thanks

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