The original Squeak release is available under APSL2.

Lord ZealoN lordzealon at
Wed May 24 20:16:01 UTC 2006

I'm going to try it in my PocketPC. Good news :)

2006/5/24, Jimmie Houchin <j.squeak at>:
> Daniel Vainsencher wrote:
> > Thanks and congrats to everyone that has worked on this!
> >
> > I think the natural next steps are:
> > 1. Finding for each method in recent Squeak, the names of all persons
> > who've modified them. The history images should make this feasible.
> > 2. Gathering from all contributors a statement saying "all the code I
> > ever published into Squeak I relicense APSL 2.0", getting legal advice
> > on how to do this right (for example, helping people not declare
> > "work-for-hire").
> > 3. Making it clear what code in the image remains tainted, to encourage
> > rewrites.
> >
> > But a quick free release would be very nice. Say, Craig, how much code
> > is there in Spoon that is not covered by this new license and not
> > copyright Craig Latta?
> [snip Craig's original message]
> I think it would be nice for any code relicensed or published beyond
> this release be license under either the new BSD or the MIT license.
> That way as code is rewritten and replaced the overall licensing of
> Squeak improves. I think the only code that should be APSL is the code
> Apple contributes. Maybe doing a simple BSD/MIT based Squeak Public
> License or some such.
> That way if we replace the IO code with Flow, etc. the licensing
> improves. We replace MVC with Tweak. We replace Collections with the
> Traits rewrite. etc...  Then we are left with a small core of Apple APSL
> code and then other community member contributions with nicer, smaller,
> cleaner licenses.
> Regardless, under the APSL minimally puts Squeak into an understandable
> situation by the larger programming, open source community.
> Thanks to all who worked towards this. This could definitely provide a
> nice foundation for the future.
> Is this where the disassembly of the monolithic image begins?
> Shrink this image. Build back up with SM code, or some such.
> My 2cents.
> Jimmie


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