supporting conflicting behavior

Craig Latta craig at
Thu May 25 05:08:19 UTC 2006

 > I agree, that is already great, and i call it promising when thinking
 > of tools that we can build above it.

	That's the spirit. :)

 > This is a completely different and pragmatic approach: do not resolve
 > source code conflicts, let them co-exist peacefully...

	Indeed, I would argue that they aren't really conflicts. Two methods 
might use the same class name to refer to two different classes, but as 
long as the methods themselves retain information about the identities 
of those classes, we can reason about those references all we like.

 > Something close to typical OS job: loading different binary executable
 > into separated space processes, maybe with .dll/.so dynamic
 > loading/sharing. But then we have displaced the problem at
 > interprocess communication level... How does spoon compare to this
 > model?

	It's very different. All the named entities are in the same space, what 
makes things work is that they have separate identities which are 
available to us.



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