The original Squeak release is available under APSL2.

Craig Latta craig at
Thu May 25 05:08:39 UTC 2006

Hi Jimmie--

 > I think it would be nice for any code relicensed or published beyond
 > this release be license under either the new BSD or the MIT license.
 > That way as code is rewritten and replaced the overall licensing of
 > Squeak improves. I think the only code that should be APSL is the code
 > Apple contributes. Maybe doing a simple BSD/MIT based Squeak Public
 > License or some such.

	I think this is a good idea. I did a similar thing for previous Spoon 
releases. I think as long as our trivial derived-from-BSD-or-MIT Squeak 
license is compatible with the license each copyright holder wants to 
use, then we're good. (And hopefully the total number of licenses 
involved is very small, say two. :)

 > Is this where the disassembly of the monolithic image begins? Shrink
 > this image. Build back up with SM code, or some such.



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