SM deps: Yet Another Stab

Ralph Johnson johnson at
Thu May 25 11:00:34 UTC 2006

On 5/25/06, goran at <goran at> wrote:

> If we match this with a bit of user controlled policy and questions that
> we can ask the user - we might get something nice, simple and automatic.

It is crucial that it is nice and simple.   Automatic would be nice,
but I would be happy with a manual system.

If we are using Spoon for defining modules then it will have a perfect
way of both defining modules (all the code run by the module's test
suite that is not in any existing module) and detecting dependencies
on other modules (all modules in the system at the time you traced the

I propose you make it nice and simple and wait for Spoon to make it
nice and simple and automatic.

-Ralph Johnson

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