The original Squeak release is available under APSL2.

Patrick Mauritz oxygene at
Thu May 25 17:04:29 UTC 2006

Craig Latta wrote:
>     Oh, note that APSL2 is "OSI-approved" and "OSD-compliant"[1, 2]. One 
> problem solved by using APSL2 (or a sublicense of it) is that we can say 
> that Squeak is "open source" and no one will debate it. Tedious as this 
wishful thinking - the debate about being open source or not comes up 
around open solaris (cddl, OSI approved) all the time.

for some people, only some licenses are "really, really, really open 
source the way $deity intended it to be[tm]" (gpl *cough*)

at least, reasonable people will be happy enough with that change, I 
guess. so, still good news :-))

patrick mauritz

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