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Craig Latta craig at
Fri May 26 08:31:07 UTC 2006

Hi Ralph--

 > I'm just getting into Spoon (hmm, I'm just learning to use Spoon, I'm
 > getting stirred up with Spoon, ... there ought to be a good line
 > here)...

	Yeah, I like "getting a handle on Spoon". :)

	Spoon currently still has the old system dictionary, but I'd like to 
remove it. I think we should just rewrite users of "Smalltalk at:" 
(probably in some automated fashion, both in situ and during method 
transfer). Instead of a system dictionary, I'd rather have some class 
take responsibility for each former non-class "global" variable, and use 
messages for access. Or just use shared pools for such variables. (Heh, 
shared pools is another topic that gets some people riled up. :)

	The classes we can put in some cache collection that is known to the 
compiler, but it need not be keyed. Then each class has complete 
responsibility for its name, and we needn't worry about other objects 
having out-of-sync notions of any class names.

	I don't think we need class or module namespaces in Spoon.


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