Fed up with the web

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri May 26 01:43:42 UTC 2006

Dear Brad,

I am getting psyched up to do this, Its going to be a quest, a rally 
call, I think time and effort spent seeing if I can deliver a squeak  
hosted web page  will be time well spent. Heck I dont care if my users 
have to load a plug in, if I just pause to think about it I just hate 
the web architecture that much. These new technologies dont even have 
rotation in their base rendering engine, I just took the trash can for a 
360 degree spin just to remind me how good it feels and working in a 
code browser rotated at 33 degrees just because you can do it and no one 
else can!

Step 1, I discovered Text Tool in tweak, and it works! Bliss
Step 2, find some more fonts, X11 Fonts are there in SqueakMap, could 
use some more though.
Step 3, lets go get that Squeakland plug in....


All new Yahoo! Mail "The new Interface is stunning in its simplicity and ease of use." - PC Magazine 

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