Rescue of forgiven nice orphans

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Fri May 26 09:56:58 UTC 2006


Very thanks for your categorizing of MathMorphs
home page.
I downloadind some what I do not test yet.
The Sturm Plotter links fail, so if someone have a .cs, send me.
I start to request of my clever student what wish know how to plot some
function on Squeak,
And to prove all my skills on mixing all Squeak code , no matter in what
image was produced and have some working result.
I very like any email private and as I said hope some final clean could
produce some MathSqueak.image.
That image I repeat was born as 3.7 but now have many 3.8 and 3.9
I hope in a future reach a 3.9 minimal image.

Or wait  Spoon 
(Esperando tener una cuchara en la mano cuando llueva sopa)
What lousy translate as :
You hope have a spoon on your have the day what rain is of soupe :=)


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