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Fri May 26 11:09:01 UTC 2006

Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene a écrit :
> Steve Moffitt puso en su mail :
>> Edgar and Serge
>> The project sounds neat -- to resurrect MathMorphs -- I'll help as I
>> can though a newbee . As Serge says MorphicWrappers is no longer on
>> SqueakMap but I was looking at some of my old images and I have a
>> MorpicWrapper Project that has MorphicWrappers on it. If you like I
>> can send it to you.
>> Steve
> Thanks !!!
> Read the mails about this .
> I resume again what I have.
> MW27.26.cs (Seems the older and as I say some .cs use still it)
> MW-32a-4586.1.cs
> MW-32a-4586-diff.1.cs

The last version in SqueakMap seems to be no more available here :

Marcus do you have a backup of this file ?

> (that should be the project what you say and is 3.6
> compatible, fonts look terrible in newer images but seem work)
> And the following .cs what use MorphicWrappers
> Linear.27Dec833pm.cs
> LinearAlgebra.20Nov138am.cs
> Linear-Algebra-I.morph (that is the book what you see in picture I send)
> SpringMorph.3.cs
> MandelBob.17Jun431pm.cs
> JuliaExplorer.20Sep538pm.cs
> Graph.9Octo736pm.cs
> Functions2.2.29Jan1118pm.cs
> MatrixMorphicWrapper.12Jul213am.cs
> And some others
> If you have something related to MathMorphs not in this list, send me.
> If you have any single thing what once work and a few lines saying how you
> use it, also send it.
> And we have a Spanish beginners group what have some English reading /
> writing members where you are very welcomed .
> (Group)
> (Swiki in Spain)
> (Beginners tutorials ,
> most in Spanish)
> password: elpelotero  (on approximate 09:00 to 20:00 GMT, dig and take what
> you like, at your own risk)

Ok, thank you Edgar. I create a new page here for coordinating the 
MathMorph Revival Project :

The idea is to collect all the code available and then port the code to 
the 3.9 version of Squeak. Please contribute in english.
If you need to modify the page, ask me in private a login/password.

For the AlgoMorph project, don't loose too much time on this, because 
the project was not very good in fact. The idea was to interact with 
common algorithmic data structures (like binary tree or stack) like the 
way you could interact with MathMorphs.

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