Win32Shell and ExternalWindowsOSProcess

Keith McKay keith at
Fri May 26 16:21:25 UTC 2006

I'm looking for some advice

I have been running programs from within Squeak using both Win32Shell and
ExternalWindowsOSProcess with some success.  However, I have not been able
to figure out how to capture the text output from the program to the screen
into the contents of a PluggableTextMorph.  I can do it by calling the
program in a batch file and redirecting the output to a file rather than the
screen, and then reading the file into the PluggableTextMorph.

I have also tried running the batch file directly in CommandShell but I get
a "cannot access system to run 'prog.bat'" error message.  This was done
more in desperation than with logic.

Is there a way to capture text output from an external program directly into
a PluggableTextMorph?

Programming isn't my day job, I do this just for fun. I think I am at my
limit of Squeak knowledge with the above problem so any advice would be

Keith McKay
Hamilton, Scotland.

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