Name spaces in Spoon

Ralph Johnson johnson at
Fri May 26 20:33:51 UTC 2006

I've been continuing to think about the problem.  I said earlier today
that Göran was missing the fact that Spoon allows two or more classes
to have the same name, and Craig Latta said that was one of its
features.  But then I realized that perhaps Göran thought that was a
bug, not a feature, and that he wanted all classes in a module to have
the module name as a prefix.  In that case, two classes would never
have the same name.

If all classes in a module had the module name as a prefix then we
couldn't say "Set", we'd have to say something like ANSI::Set (because
it is a class from the ANSI standard).  The rename refactoring would
fix all the old code to use the new name, but converting old code
would still be a bit of a pain.

-Ralph Johnson

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