Linspire Install Guidance?

Brad Fuller brad at
Fri May 26 22:41:56 UTC 2006

Dan Shafer wrote:
> I noted the other day that Squeak had become available through the
> Linspire CNR (Click-N-Run) Warehouse. I have a Linspire system which
> typically doesn't get used for much other than testing, so I figured
> I'd try to install Squeak on it just to take a look.
> I found the Squeak package in the CNR Warehouse and downloaded it. It
> reports a successful install but I'm darned if I can figure out where
> it is or how to run it.
> I've asked on the Linspire list but figured maybe someone here could
> tell me what I'm missing.
on fedora, it is installed here:
with a link in
/usr/local/bin/squeak -> ../lib/squeak/3.7-7/squeak

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