Name spaces in Spoon

Darius Clarke socinian at
Sat May 27 06:55:34 UTC 2006

While I'm still dreaming ... I also have a problem with method names
that use words which can have more than one meaning, in English or any
other language. What's the "point"? Seems to me that a word in a
method name should be able to "link" to its (more unique, thought not
perfect) semantic & multi-lingual meaning and not guessed from the
context, class use, module name, etc.

Words in method names used as idioms can also "throw" non-native
English speakers for a "loop".

The "why" can also be a scientific discipline which uses the concepts
modeled by the class.


P.S. by "Or filter on the "how" of the "licensing" the author gave the
code." I meant ... the "how" of the distribution license chosen by the
author of the code that the code is release under by that author. ...

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