Name spaces in Spoon

Peter Crowther Peter at
Sat May 27 07:21:20 UTC 2006

> From: Michael Latta
> The downside I see in having call context dependent behavior 
> is that the
> reader of the code needs to know the run-time context that 
> will modify the
> behavior of the object.  The same result can be achieved with 
> a wrapper
> object that implements the new methods, and passes on unknown 
> methods to the delegate.

Consider the following: ClassA implements methodA as '^self'.  ClassB, a
subclass of A, implements methodB as '^self methodA'.  Now a module adds
methodA to ClassB (let's say it's '^self') and calls 'ClassB new
methodB'.  The delegate case would call ClassA>>methodA, whereas the
'expected' behaviour is pobably a call of the module's methodA.  There's
also an interesting discussion to be had about what class the returned
object would be - it could be ClassB or ClassB-delegate depending on how
this was implemented

This is not 'the same result', I think.

		- Peter

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