Win32Shell and ExternalWindowsOSProcess

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Thanks for your reply.

If you ever do get round to completing the implementation of OS pipes for
Windows and you are looking for someone to test it, please keep me in mind.

Best Wishes

Keith McKay

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On Fri, May 26, 2006 at 05:21:25PM +0100, Keith McKay wrote:
> I'm looking for some advice
> I have been running programs from within Squeak using both Win32Shell 
> and ExternalWindowsOSProcess with some success.  However, I have not 
> been able to figure out how to capture the text output from the 
> program to the screen into the contents of a PluggableTextMorph.  I 
> can do it by calling the program in a batch file and redirecting the 
> output to a file rather than the screen, and then reading the file 
> into the PluggableTextMorph.

Hi Keith,

Unfortunately I never completed the implementation of OS pipes for Windows,
so there is no direct way to feed the output of an ExternalWindowsOSProcess
back into Squeak.

> I have also tried running the batch file directly in CommandShell but 
> I get a "cannot access system to run 'prog.bat'" error message.  This 
> was done more in desperation than with logic.
> Is there a way to capture text output from an external program 
> directly into a PluggableTextMorph?

On a unix system, you can do "$ who | edit" in a CommandShell to pipe the
output of the external "who" command (/usr/bin/who) into Squeak. But this
won't work on Windows due to the current lack of OS pipe support.

> Programming isn't my day job, I do this just for fun. I think I am at 
> my limit of Squeak knowledge with the above problem so any advice 
> would be appreciated.

Me too, Squeak and OSProcess are things I do just for fun. I've put most of
my effort into unix/linux because I find it more entertaining. But Windows
has gotten a lot better in recent years so maybe I should try it again.


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