Name spaces in Spoon

nicolas cellier ncellier at
Sat May 27 21:23:35 UTC 2006

I forgot another case from end user point of view: it can happen that two 
packages A & B depend on two different versions of a package C...

Bad case for names clashes (all updated methods indeed).


Le Samedi 27 Mai 2006 23:01, nicolas cellier a écrit :
> Le Samedi 27 Mai 2006 04:43, Ralph Johnson a écrit :
> > I've been programming in Smalltalk off and on for twenty years.  I've
> > taught a class that used it at least once a year.  Method collision
> > that could be solved by private selectors is pretty rare.  Class
> > collision is more common, but still isn't that common.
> However, name clashes are probable when loading two packages dealing with
> same subject.
> For example
>     Number>>,
> to form an array of numbers or a matrix, or:
>     SequenceableCollection>>asMatrix
> If i load two Matrix packages in my image, they will likely override these
> selectors.
> Why to load two Matrix packages ? Maybe it's not my choice, but the
> dependency chain of end user apps i was interested in...
> Same for two File/URL packages, two HTML rendering packages etc...
> Nicolas

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