Setting Up a Server to Handle Squeak Projects

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Sun May 28 08:32:31 UTC 2006


A few notes below:

On 2006 May 28 02:32, Dan Shafer wrote:
> OK, I downloaded the Squeak plug-in and I seem to be able to
> access .pr files stored on other sites. But how do I deploy a Squeak
> project as a plugin? I think the questions I need answered are:
> 1.  What does the server (Apache) need to know in order to serve
> Squeak projects as files? Anything?

I am using Kom as Http server (not Apache), and this is the piece of HTML that 
works - I guess it piggibacks the .pr file through squeakland. The only 
important thing is the href:

 alt="&quot;Squeak&quot;saver" title="Make your own &quot;Squeak&quot;saver"
 style="border: 5px solid ; width: 250px; height: 175px;"></a>

I suspect it will work on Apache as well, but do not know for sure.

Perhaps you can start with this, just t test your project works etc, and take 
it from there, ask questions , plus more info about the HTTP plugin:

and this message from Diego I saved:
And also:


> >     ID="SqueakOCX Control"
>        imageName="MySqueak.image"
> >     WIDTH=1024 HEIGHT=768
> >     ALIGN=center BORDER=2
> >     CLASSID="CLSID:2BE9C39E-8386-4435-B337-FCDAD8EAB006"
> >     
> > 
> > <embed
> >     type="application/x-squeak-source"
>        imageName="MySqueak.image"
> >     ALIGN="CENTER"
> >     WIDTH="1024"
> >     HEIGHT="768"
> >     pluginspage=""
> >     update_url=""
> >     ></embed>
> > </OBJECT>

> 2.  Will detection of the plugin be semi-automatic? I.e., if a user
> without the plugin tries to download a Squeak project, will he get an
> error, an ugly binary dump or something meaningful?

From what I remember, in the life without the plugin in all my browsers, if 
done "correctly" it will redirect user to the site where to find the plugin. 
If you use the simple version on top, it will do it right.

> 3.  Anything else I need to know about deployment?

I am sure there is more and people more qualified will comment, hopefully the 
above is a start,


> Thanks.
> Dan

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