Linspire Install Guidance?

Gary Fisher gafisher at
Mon May 29 02:28:38 UTC 2006


I've installed Squeak via CNR on three systems so far and on each the Squeak
icon shows up on the desktop and "just works," like it should.  If that's
not happening on your system you might want to check what version of
Linspire you're running, as some older versions might not use exactly the
same conventions as the current "Five-0" version.

Linspire is Debian-based (CNR is mainly a guified apt-get) so docs for the
Debian version of Squeak might get you going, but frankly if the problem is
an outdated version of Linspire I'd definitely update that first.


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I noted the other day that Squeak had become available through the
Linspire CNR (Click-N-Run) Warehouse. I have a Linspire system which
typically doesn't get used for much other than testing, so I figured
I'd try to install Squeak on it just to take a look.

I found the Squeak package in the CNR Warehouse and downloaded it. It
reports a successful install but I'm darned if I can figure out where
it is or how to run it.

I've asked on the Linspire list but figured maybe someone here could
tell me what I'm missing.


Dan Shafer

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