Morphic layout policy problems

karl karl.ramberg at
Mon May 29 20:01:09 UTC 2006

Bob.Cowdery at skrev:
> Hi all
> I have a problem with morphic layout policies and I'm not sure if it's a
> feature, limitation or a bug or if there is something else I need to do.
> This can be reproduced very quickly using two AlignmentMorphs (Bordered or
> PasteUp will also do) and 4 SimpleButtonMorphs. Set AlignmentMorph 1 with
> left to right wrapping. Embed the buttons in AlignmentMorph 1. Adjusting the
> size of AlignmentMorph 1 causes the buttons to flow properly between
> horizontal and vertical alignment. Now size AlignmentMorph 1 until the
> buttons are in a vertical row and size AlignmentMorph 2 to be about the same
> size and embed AlignmentMorph1 in 2. Now sizing AlignmentMorph2 will flow
> the buttons progressively outwards until they are in a horizontal row but
> you can't flow them back in again.
> As usual any help appreciated.
Morphic Layout is a replacement for the AlignmentMorph.
So my advise is that if you use either AlignmentMorph or Morphic Layout 
but not

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