I've ported Squeak 2.3 to Amiga, more or less

Tim Johnson trilobyte at hoe.nu
Tue May 30 06:02:14 UTC 2006

Hello all,

What a lovely weekend!   I have spent the majority of it indoors, 
porting Squeak 2.3 to the Amiga!

: \

I have put up a screenshot at:


I am obviously having some trouble with graphics (specifically, 
ioShowDisplay), but the screenshot is recognizably showing Squeak 
asking for its .changes file.  To an outsider, though, it may look as 
if something is *broken*... ;)

You may wonder why I used 2.3 ... It seemed to be the best choice for a 
simple, well-documented, starting-from-scratch VM-building scheme, with 
little-to-no dependence on plug-ins.  I am scared of VMMaker (it seems 
to be designed to create/tweak a VM for an already-existing platform, 
versus a new one?), plus there is already much documentation on 
Interpreter>>translate.  Of course, I am ignorant.

Overall, this has been a pretty fun pastime.  I can continue posting 
progress reports to the list if anyone is interested.  I have to figure 
out this PixMap -> BitMap thing, but I also have to get to work in the 
morning... ;)

Thanks, and Cheers,
Tim J.
Central IL, USA

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