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Alexandre Bergel Alexandre.Bergel at
Tue May 30 09:58:47 UTC 2006

Another thing I was missing with OB, is to have the --all-- method  
category automatically selected when I select a class. I attached  
a .cs that add this.

Here are the changes I did:
	- Instead of sending #nodeChanged, #nodeChanged: theSelectedNode is  
	- OBPanel>>nodeChanged: aNode  ^ self nodeChanged
	- OBBrowser>>nodeChanged: aNode ^ self nodeChanged
	- OBSystemBrowser>>nodeChanged: aNode
	| methodCategoryColumn |
	super nodeChanged: aNode.
	(aNode isKindOf: OBClassNode)
		ifTrue: [
			methodCategoryColumn :=
				(panels select: [:p| p isKindOf: OBColumnPanel]) first columns  
			(methodCategoryColumn getChildren first) ifNotNil: [
				methodCategoryColumn select: (methodCategoryColumn getChildren  

I am not sure about this last method. Looks like a hack now... But it  
works fine.

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Am May 29, 2006 um 8:09 PM schrieb Lukas Renggli:

> Hi Colin,
>> I feel that it is currently not possible in OB to have a second pane
>> when I select a class. The model needs to be extended I guess. This
>> might be a very interesting feature. We might want to have a method
>> OBMetaNode>>wantsSecondPane
> I would also like to be able to display different views, depending on
> the current OBDefinition. Right now this is a hack if I want to
> display something else than a TextMorph.
> Btw, how are the announcements and the multi-selection going?
> Cheers,
> Lukas
> -- 
> Lukas Renggli

Alexandre Bergel

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