Ajax + squeak = collaborative desktops ?

Samir Saidani saidani at squeakfr.org
Wed May 31 19:04:59 UTC 2006

Hi there !

Since I discovered this website (www.netvibes.com), I found that the
technology used (ajax) is really interesting : we are using this
website as a shared virtual desktop and it's amazingly efficient. It
opens a new dimension for collaborative works as it was the case for
wikis. (just use it and you will see ! Moreover I realized the
importance of RSS feed throught this kind of site).

Does someone know if such a techno is available for squeak (maybe
seaside ?). I'm especially interested in the "post-it" feature we are
using intensively. With netvibes, you have just to drag and drop a
post-it on the desk and write on it, all is saved on the fly (no more
"save" button as it is the case for wikis). I find this simple feature
really cool !

Thanks !

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