Ajax + squeak = collaborative desktops ?

Samir Saidani saidani at squeakfr.org
Wed May 31 21:07:11 UTC 2006

Thanks ! Are you aware of a working application already done with
Seaside and Scriptaculous ?

Some newbie questions : what means WA in WACounter ? And is there a
possibility to get rid of the unreadable section
"?_k=RLuphTHk&_s=IkufVPbXiraGKGSB" on the url - maybe by using a
cookie ? I'd like to get a readable url and hide what is not
human-understandable...  (Why ? In fact, I'm studying the use of the
url box as a kind of command line for webpage seen as object
"www.foo.net/myappli render: 'hello world'")

Maybe these questions are in the FAQ but didn't find it on the seaside
website !

By the way, I tried the 2.6 image version from seaside, and got an
error when trying to browse the source code of the counter (section
scriptaculous) :

MessageNotUnderstood: SUAllTests>>show:onAnswer:delegation:

    * SUAllTests(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #show:onAnswer:delegation:

"Lukas Renggli" <renggli at gmail.com> writes:

>> Does someone know if such a techno is available for squeak (maybe
>> seaside ?). I'm especially interested in the "post-it" feature we are
>> using intensively. With netvibes, you have just to drag and drop a
>> post-it on the desk and write on it, all is saved on the fly (no more
>> "save" button as it is the case for wikis). I find this simple feature
>> really cool !
> Yes, you can do all kind of fancy AJAX things with Seaside quite
> easily. Have a look at the functional test-suite at
> <http://scriptaculous.seasidehosting.st>.
> Lukas
> -- 
> Lukas Renggli
> http://www.lukas-renggli.ch

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