Displaying Fonts in SQUEAK

viv shankar viv_mbbs at yahoo.co.in
Wed May 31 11:02:05 UTC 2006

I am sorry...I forgot to give my code..This is my code..
 TTCFontReader encodingTag: Latin1Environment leadingChar.
      TTCFontSet newTextStyleFromTTFile: 'C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\L_10646.ttf'.
      "Lucida Sans Unicode Font (installed on every Windows since 1998).
       Please check:
       The font file name might be different though - I am on Windows XP"

s _ StringMorph new contents: (
                                340 asCharacter asString,
                                946 asCharacter asString,
                                947 asCharacter asString).
                                "Greek alpha, beta, gamma"

s  fontName: 'MultiLucidaSansUnicode' size: 90.

s openInWorld

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