Squeak on Linux server

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Tue Nov 21 23:45:38 UTC 2006

 > What are my options?
[araab at polygon.qwaq.com ~]$ squeak -help
Usage: squeak [<option>...] [<imageName> [<argument>...]]
        squeak [<option>...] -- [<argument>...]

OSS <option>s:
   -nomixer              disable mixer (volume) adjustment

FBDev <option>s:
   -fbdev <dev>          use framebuffer device <dev> (default: /dev/fb)
   -kbmap <file>         load keymap from <file> (default: use kernel 
   -msdev <dev>          use mouse device <dev> (default: /dev/psaux)
   -msproto <protocol>   use the given <protocol> for the mouse 
(default: ps2)
   -vtlock               disallow all vt switching (for any reason)
   -vtswitch             enable keyboard vt switching (Alt+FNx)

X11 <option>s:
   -browserWindow <wid>  run in window <wid>
   -browserPipes <r> <w> run as Browser plugin using descriptors <r> <w>
   -cmdmod <n>           map Mod<n> to the Command key
   -display <dpy>        display on <dpy> (default: $DISPLAY)
   -fullscreen           occupy the entire screen
   -headless             run in headless (no window) mode
   -iconic               start up iconified
   -lazy                 go to sleep when main window unmapped
   -mapdelbs             map Delete key onto Backspace
   -nointl               disable international keyboard support
   -notitle              disable the Squeak window title bar
   -noxdnd               disable X drag-and-drop protocol support
   -optmod <n>           map Mod<n> to the Option key
   -swapbtn              swap yellow (middle) and blue (right) buttons
   -xasync               don't serialize display updates
   -xshm                 use X shared memory extension
   -glxdebug <n>         set GLX debug verbosity level to <n>

Common <option>s:
   -encoding <enc>       set the internal character encoding (default: 
   -help                 print this help message, then exit
   -memory <size>[mk]    use fixed heap size (added to image size)
   -mmap <size>[mk]      limit dynamic heap size (default: 1024m)
   -noevents             disable event-driven input support
   -notimer              disable interval timer for low-res clock
   -pathenc <enc>        set encoding for pathnames (default: UTF-8)
   -plugins <path>       specify alternative plugin location (see manpage)
   -textenc <enc>        set encoding for external text (default: UTF-8)
   -version              print version information, then exit
   -vm-<sys>-<dev>       use the <dev> driver for <sys> (see below)
   -display <dpy>        quivalent to '-vm-display-X11 -display <dpy>'
   -headless             quivalent to '-vm-display-X11 -headless'
   -nodisplay            quivalent to '-vm-display-null'
   -nomixer              disable modification of mixer settings
   -nosound              quivalent to '-vm-sound-null'
   -quartz               quivalent to '-vm-display-Quartz'

   <imageName> defaults to `squeak.image'.
   -vtlock disables keyboard vt switching even when -vtswitch is enabled
   Using `unix:0' for <dpy> may improve local display performance.
   -xshm only works when Squeak is running on the X server host.
   If `-memory' is not specified then the heap will grow dynamically.
   <argument>s are ignored, but are processed by the Squeak image.
   The first <argument> normally names a Squeak `script' to execute.
   Precede <arguments> by `--' to use default image.

Available drivers:

Jimmie Houchin wrote:
> Hello,
> I am wanting to try Squeak on my Ubuntu 6.10 i386 server. It has a
> simple basic server install which does not have xorg, alsa or any other
> such things.
> I am using the standard 3.9 unix vm.
> I have downloaded the headless seaside image and have tried to run it
> and get this:
> jimmie at elephant:#  squeak -headless HlessSeaside3.9-7067.image
> could not find module vm-display-X11
> Aborted
> What are my options?
> Any help greatly appreciated.
> Jimmie Houchin

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