Refactoring to traits / Refactoring traits

Alejandro Gonzalez mr_gonza78 at
Mon Oct 2 10:55:37 UTC 2006

Hello everybody!

I'm starting a research on refactorings & traits as part of a project ( that 
luckily :-) could end as my thesis ).
Since I'm a newbie, my fist step is this email.
The idea and scope are not closed yet but at a first glance the idea is to 
add refatoring tools to Squeak for traits, but this original idea may 
slightly change since it is being defined as I get knowledge about the 
Every paper, link, idea, resource, suggestion about this topic will be 
happily welcomed.
For sure, as soon as I make some progress, I'll share the results with any 
interested on this thread.

Thanks in advance

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