Plopp US/English?

David Faught dave.faught at
Mon Oct 2 12:51:20 UTC 2006

>Blake wrote:
>>     Is there an English version of Plopp planned? Can one have it
>> shipped to the US?

Michael Rueger wrote:
>Planned yes. You can order plopp on the German site, don't
>know if they ship to the US though.
>BTW, does anyone have a suggestion for a different name for the English
>version? Seems the connotations of plopp aren't making it a suitable
>name in English ;-)

As interested as I am in supporting Squeak-based products, I can tell
you that the competition for my money is Cosmic Blobs  The marketing and web site is very slick,
it is reasonably priced, and I am thinking that it may be a superior
technology in some respects.  Although I may buy the English version
of Plopp anyway, if and when it becomes available.  Has anyone done
anything with real-time metaballs modeling in Squeak?

As for an English name for Plopp, how about:

3D Playground, Kids 3D Sketching, Swell, Billow, No Huff No Puff,
Balloon 3D, Bear Bolster, 3D Pump, Pooch, Inflation Creation ...

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