Squackers, Tenth-Birthday-of-Squeak edition - Fireworks!!

Alan Kay alan.kay at squeakland.org
Mon Oct 2 18:41:33 UTC 2006

And, for whatever it's worth, the 40th anniversary of "the shock of 
objects" (at least to me) will be Nov 11th this year.




At 10:44 AM 10/2/2006, Dan Ingalls wrote:
>[sorry to be late in responding.  I lost Squeak mail access for four days]
>Juan Vuletich <jvuletich at dc.uba.ar>  wrote...
> >Let me thank you for Smalltalk and Squeak. Your works are a source 
> of inspiration to me. I learn from your code. I keep re-reading 
> "Design Principles Behind Smalltalk", and watching your lectures on 
> video. I enjoy reading every message you send to this list.
> >
> >I want to program like you. I want to write like you. I want to 
> think like you.
> >
> >I first read about Smalltalk in 1984, in one of the very first 
> computer magazines I read. It was like scientifiction. I only found 
> it again ten years later at the university. By then, I had been 
> programming for ten years, and I was completely shocked by 
> Smalltalk. In 1997 I knew about Squeak, and I got my first job in 
> Smalltalk. After that, I never took a job on anything else. Your 
> impact in my life hasn't diminished a bit since then.
> >
> >I would really love to meet you at Squeak's birthday. I'm sure 
> lots of us would but can't. I hope I'll be able to meet you and to 
> thank you personally.
> >
> >Happy birthday, Squeak!
>Juan -
>Your message warms my heart.  Your experience is exactly what all of 
>us who worked on Smalltalk and Squeak hoped for, and still hope 
>for.  I accept your thanks for my part -- I am honored.  Let us not 
>forget, though, that many people made Smalltalk and Squeak what it 
>is.  From Alan's first inspiration, through all the good work that 
>made things practical, and all the cool hacks that have made it so 
>much fun, it has been the work of many wonderful people including 
>the good folks on this list (and you, too, Juan) that have made this 
>such a rewarding project.
>I never meant to "take" the 10th birthday;  I just felt like having 
>a party, and Craig mentioned the 10 year coincidence.  So happy 10th 
>birthday to all Squeakers out there -- you are just as much a part 
>of the celebration regardless of where you are.
>         - Dan

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