[ANN] Working SSL In Squeak

J J azreal1977 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 2 19:27:36 UTC 2006

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>Subject: RE: [ANN] Working SSL In Squeak
>Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 15:19:04 -0400
>Hi J J,
>Just to be clear, most of the components that were used for SSL already
>existed in squeak Cryptography.  It was because of all the work from others
>in creating all the cryptography code that we were able to even attempt to
>put it all together into the SSL protocol.

Still extremely impressive.  I'm very exited actually.  Feels like the loose 
ends are getting cleaned up and something big is taking shape.

>Also I must agree with you Rob did a wonderful job getting it all working.
>His work is really clean and the implementation is beautiful.  Keep in mind
>this is a first pass, there is much to do to round it out to make it
>production quality.

Few things I like better then beutiful code in an eligant language.

>Thank you everyone that has participated in Squeak Cryptography and again 
>anyone would like to join there are a number of projects we are working on,
>KomServer SSL integration

What about the HTTP stream class?  Is that involved here?  I have heard 
several people mention that that class (or subsystem or whatever it is) is 
really bad.

>OpenSSL integration (may be handled with LibCurl)

What is the difference in this and what you have?  OpenSSL is just a library 
right?  And so that would make what you did kind of a competitor to it, no 
(well you know what I mean, filling the same space)?

>ASN1 framework for additional protocol support.

I had intended myself to make an SNMP class for squeak when (if) I ever get 
unburried.  Should I wait for this (assuming I will have a choice :)?

Also, where is the source for that DLL?  I looked around for it, but 
couldn't find it.  At some point someone should take a crack at moving that 

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