Squackers, Tenth-Birthday-of-Squeak edition - Fireworks!!

Juan Vuletich jvuletich at dc.uba.ar
Mon Oct 2 22:21:04 UTC 2006

Of course I acknowledge as you say Dan. Anyway, nobody can deny the 
enormous impact on your way to think and design software.

There is really no need to say that my thanks are also for you, Alan. 
Your writings and lectures I enjoy often too! It is just that I was 
lucky enough and you were kind enough to let me thank you personally 
when we met in L.A. in 2003.

There is something else I didn't say in my previous post.

When I learned about Smalltalk in 1995, and read the Purple Book, the 
story of Smalltalk and Xerox Parc was something like a legend. And you 
were the heroes of an epic story of a previous time. You were like 
Prometheus, trying to give people the sacred fire.

And suddenly, you were back with Squeak! The story wasn't finished yet, 
and you were inviting me (all us) to be part of it, and share the fire 
with you. The feelings I had at that time are within the strongest I've 
ever had.

Thank you for the Fire!

Juan Vuletich

Alan Kay wrote:
> And, for whatever it's worth, the 40th anniversary of "the shock of 
> objects" (at least to me) will be Nov 11th this year.
> Cheers,
> Alan
> ----------------
> At 10:44 AM 10/2/2006, Dan Ingalls wrote:
>> [sorry to be late in responding.  I lost Squeak mail access for four 
>> days]
>> Juan Vuletich <jvuletich at dc.uba.ar>  wrote...
>> >Let me thank you for Smalltalk and Squeak. Your works are a source 
>> of inspiration to me. I learn from your code. I keep re-reading 
>> "Design Principles Behind Smalltalk", and watching your lectures on 
>> video. I enjoy reading every message you send to this list.
>> >
>> >I want to program like you. I want to write like you. I want to 
>> think like you.
>> >
>> >I first read about Smalltalk in 1984, in one of the very first 
>> computer magazines I read. It was like scientifiction. I only found 
>> it again ten years later at the university. By then, I had been 
>> programming for ten years, and I was completely shocked by Smalltalk. 
>> In 1997 I knew about Squeak, and I got my first job in Smalltalk. 
>> After that, I never took a job on anything else. Your impact in my 
>> life hasn't diminished a bit since then.
>> >
>> >I would really love to meet you at Squeak's birthday. I'm sure lots 
>> of us would but can't. I hope I'll be able to meet you and to thank 
>> you personally.
>> >
>> >Happy birthday, Squeak!
>> Juan -
>> Your message warms my heart.  Your experience is exactly what all of 
>> us who worked on Smalltalk and Squeak hoped for, and still hope for.  
>> I accept your thanks for my part -- I am honored.  Let us not forget, 
>> though, that many people made Smalltalk and Squeak what it is.  From 
>> Alan's first inspiration, through all the good work that made things 
>> practical, and all the cool hacks that have made it so much fun, it 
>> has been the work of many wonderful people including the good folks 
>> on this list (and you, too, Juan) that have made this such a 
>> rewarding project.
>> I never meant to "take" the 10th birthday;  I just felt like having a 
>> party, and Craig mentioned the 10 year coincidence.  So happy 10th 
>> birthday to all Squeakers out there -- you are just as much a part of 
>> the celebration regardless of where you are.
>>         - Dan

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