[ANN] Working SSL In Squeak

J J azreal1977 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 3 03:57:52 UTC 2006

So, the order is now:


Right?  Or do you have to do something with versions (like download one 
version of base, then a different one later)?

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>Subject: Re: [ANN] Working SSL In Squeak
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>On Oct 2, 2006, at 2:20 PM, Hans-Martin Mosner wrote:
>>The in-image implementation existed as part of my OpenPGP efforts, and
>>I've now ported it to the Cryptography framework.
>>Load the MC packages CryptographyBase-hmm.18 and Cryptography-DES- hmm.3
>>to use it.
>I tested it too, with SSL, and it works great!  Thanks!  No plugin  needed, 
>>BTW, the SSL example workspace assumes that #asURL is able to create a
>>HttpsUrl. But that ain't so. Looking at the #asUrl code, I saw that at
>>least in 3.8.1 this is not written with extensions in mind. Does 3.9
>>have a more extensible method there? (I'm too tired to look myself  right
>In the Cryptography-SSL Extensions, I overwrote Url  
>class>>#urlClassForScheme: to include 'https' mapped to the new  HttpsUrl 
>class.  This only works if you have SSL loaded, of course.
>I also added HierarchicalUrl>>#= and changed HTTPSocket  
>class>>#expandUrl:ip:port: to provide an ability to HttpsSocket to  
>redirect and also to detect infinite redirections, which I  experienced on 
>one of my test urls.  Unfortunately, I could not  update HTTPSocket 
>class>>#httpGetDocument:args:accept:request: to  take advantage.  It loses 
>the value of CrLf, for some reason.  I only  barely added support to the 
>HttpsSocket, so these things will change,  I'm sure.

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