JUMP SHIP (Re: About 512 MB changes patch)

SmallSqueak smallsqueak at rogers.com
Tue Oct 3 14:15:35 UTC 2006

Hi Craig,

    Tim wrote:

> > Maybe it would be better to just abandon the current image
> > lineage and jump ship to build this purely on top of Spoon?

    and you responded:

>      Yeah, let's do that one. :)

    I know you are seriuosly smiling here.

    Yeah, let's do that one !!!
    I don't know if you are serious enough to use your Spoon
    to scoop out from the release Squeak 3.9 the KernelImage
    pioneered by Pavel and post the system and instructions
    for reproducing it on http://netjam.org/ (or better yet,
    on SqueakFoundation servers. I am sure The Board would
    have no problems approving that).




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