News Team Report for September, 2006

J J azreal1977 at
Tue Oct 3 17:43:19 UTC 2006

This is spectacular.  Especially the mailing list summaries and trying to 
get a post or two every day.  Nothing brings more people into a restaurant 
like a full parking lot.

>From: Giovanni Corriga <giovanni at>
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>Subject: News Team Report for September, 2006
>Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2006 16:05:14 +0200
>The purpose of the News team is to publish news regarding Squeak
>development and use. It aims to provide a service to the Squeak
>community, highlighting anything which the Squeak users may find
>interesting in The Weekly Squeak newszine. It will also try to promote
>Squeak outside its own community, by submitting articles and news items
>to mainstream websites such as Slashdot and OSNews.
>After a nine months hiatus, The Weekly Squeak is back in business, but now
>in blog form.
>The blog, which is available at , is 
>roughly 80 hits per day, and its feed has been added to the Planet 
>and Planet Squeak aggregators.
>The most important open issues are:
>1. At the moment, I'm the only one able to publish contents to the blog, 
>if other contributors can write article which I have to approve. This will
>likely change in the future once we get the hang of the thing.
>2. The blog is somewhat disconnected from the mailing lists; we should 
>sending weekly summaries to the squeak-dev, beginners and announcements 
>3. The only mailing lists tracked at the moment are squeak-dev and seaside.
>Proposed actions, scheduled for October:
>1. Try to add one or two posts to the blog everyday.
>2. Resume production of weekly summaries to be sent to the mailing list(s).
>3. Try to find some more contributors, and start tracking more mailing 
>Long term actions
>1. start producing articles to be sent to mainstream news sites.
>2. move the blog to maybe?
>3. change the look of the blog to resemble the one of
>The News team has a mailing list (news at,
>subscribe at 
> ).
>Everyone can subscribe to the list, even if just for lurking, but new
>team members are always welcome ;)
>	Giovanni

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