Collecting actions for RC2

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Tue Oct 3 17:47:14 UTC 2006

hi chris

here is what roel told me about your mail:

"Stef, I am trying to understand the problem by looking at the URL  
mentioned in the mail. I downloaded the RC1 image for 3.9 (7061), and  
ran all the tests, but they seem to work (and there is a test for the  
class renames). So I do not really know what I can do ?

On 03 Oct 2006, at 14:38, stephane ducasse wrote:

On 3 oct. 06, at 04:01, Chris Muller wrote:

> Yeeooww!  Somehow this slipped through the cracks.
> Somehow only part of the above code, the new SUnit test, got  
> included in 7061.  The test fails because the actual fix code did  
> not get included.  Would you mind file in the all the code attached  
> to the above and include this in the next RC?
> Thanks..

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