Collections questions

J J azreal1977 at
Tue Oct 3 17:53:09 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I was going through the collections today and I noticed something I was 
currious about.

1.  Why doesn't sorted collection over-ride any of the search messages (e.g. 
occuranceOf:)?  Since the data is sorted, I would think it would have a 
chance for a more efficient search.

2.  Is there a better way then making a message "select:upTo:"?  In an 
application I am writting, I provide an interface to a collection (of dates) 
and one of the things you can do is ask for "nextDates: aNumber".  The most 
efficient way to impliment this, since my collection is ordered, would be if 
I could go:

MyClass>>nextDates: aNumber
  ^ dates select: [ "some test" ] upTo: aNumber

Before I impliment this myself: is there some way that people do this 
normally, and that's why no one has implimented this yet?

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